If you’re not familiar with how to find and incorporate high-value keywords into communications, the chance of people finding your articles, website or blogs via search engines like Google is drastically reduced. Make sure your online content is found. Discover Powerful Keywords in 30 Minutes.

Why are keywords important? Jason McDonald answers this and shows you how to use free keyword identification tools to prioritize your search engine optimization (SEO) keywords and travel further up the search engine results ladder.

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Jason McDonald is one of POMA members’ favorite conference presenters.  Jason has been active in Internet marketing since 1994, first in hi-tech for embedded engineers and increasingly in teaching SEO, social media, and AdWords to businesspeople and marketers online. Jason also teaches live at Stanford University’s Continuing Studies Program as well as in San Francisco. He enjoys leading practical hands-on training sessions at company and trade-show venues.  His philosophy is make it simple, make it practical, and make it fun.

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