Social Media Analytics

Just using social media isn’t enough to have a successful online presence. To make the most of your social media marketing, you need to keep an eye on how your posts are performing and if you’re getting any interaction. That may seem impossible if you use more than one social media platform, but it doesn’t... Read More

How to Craft a Great “About” Page

Websites play a big part in a brand’s marketing plan. Creating a great website that’s aesthetically pleasing can go a long way to influence how people view your brand. But, if the website only looks good and doesn’t actually offer any meaningful content that reflects who you are and what you do, it’s not going... Read More

Create a Great Professional Bio

Professional biographies can vary greatly – from short and sweet to long and, well, boring. Often, we don’t think about our bio until someone requests it and then we’re not even sure how to write one. What should you include? What shouldn’t you include? How long should it be? So many questions, and usually very... Read More

Repurpose Blog Content

Blog content is something that most people think of as a one-time use digital asset. That’s rarely the case. Even if you’ve created, or paid for, content for a very specific purpose or marketing campaign, you can most likely repurpose it into other uses. The possibilities are potentially limitless, and repurposing content can go a... Read More

Ways to Earn Extra Money as a Freelancer

Sometimes feast, sometimes famine: that is often the life of a freelance writer. Anyone who has been in the freelance game for a while knows this all too well. During the times of famine, freelancers can often get creative to come up with ways to earn extra cash. You may have some favorite standby gigs,... Read More

Instagram Now Allows Businesses to Schedule Video

There’s some good news on the Instagram front for businesses. Last month, the platform made updates to its programming to allow direct Instagram video scheduling. This takes away the hassle for businesses who use social media management apps, like Buffer and Hootsuite, to skip the previous workaround of having the app remind you to post,... Read More

Take Charge of Your Life

Everyone deals with a time when we feel out of control of our situation. It can be in a personal or professional setting, and it can seem ovewhelming. If you find yourself in that position, don’t be afraid to make changes that will help you turn things around. You may be surprised at how your... Read More

Time-Saving Formula and Keyboard Tips for Excel

Often, marketers will use Excel spreadsheets to track marketing data and results. While Excel is powerful and does a great job of helping you analyze data, it can be tough to maneuver if you don’t have training. If you take a little time to learn its most powerful features, like formulas, it can save you... Read More

Free Social Media Monitoring Tools for Marketers

Almost every marketing team knows that a brand’s internet reputation is crucial to its success. Monitoring your online social media presence may seem overwhelming, and setting the criteria for what you want to monitor is a great first step. Once you’ve made that decision, having the right tools to help you keep an eye on... Read More

Recognize and Overcome Work Fatigue

A large number of today’s workforce leave their job at the end of the day feeling drained and exhausted – both mentally and physically. If you’re getting enough sleep and taking other steps to take care of yourself but still leave work tired, you may be suffering from work fatigue. It’s becoming a more common... Read More