Six Tips for Successful Social Media Video Campaigns

Each social media platform has its own content style that makes it unique, and growing an audience depends on using that style effectively. No matter which platform you’re on, one thing remains the same – video is a staple in marketing campaigns. That makes it more important than ever to have a solid video branding... Read More

Easy File Sharing Strategies

File sharing is among one of the biggest benefits of the internet. The ability to share documents with anyone, anywhere has been a game changer for many companies. In order for file sharing to be successful rather than stressful, it needs to be done well. Here are six simple file sharing strategies that can help... Read More

Social Media Content Types that Lead to Conversion

The goal of most social media posts is to have the content get shared. More shares can equal more potential customers, which can mean more sales. Identifying which type(s) of social media content perform the best in your target groups can mean major conversions and more successful social media marketing. Aashish Sarma, writer for Social... Read More

Website Tricks to Save Startup Money

Starting a business is a big step. Along with being stressful, it can also have a big price tag. Every startup has a budget they have to stick to, so it’s critical to cut costs where possible. Surprisingly, your website can be one of the places you can save some money using these three tricks.... Read More

Video Marketing – the Ultimate Guide

Video marketing is still one of the best marketing tools available. It is important that brands implement a video marketing strategy on all their social media channels – not just one. By using this ultimate guide to video marketing, everyone can easily make video their central focus to outreach efforts. Alicia Collins and Megan Conley,... Read More

Backups and Batteries for Shooting Off the Grid

Shooting “off the grid” can be a great way to stretch a photographer’s creativity. Unfortunately, it also has the potential to cause anxiety over keeping your camera charged or how to ensure you won’t lose all those great photos. When preparing for an off-grid adventure, it’s important to pack everything you need, which includes extra... Read More

A Messy Desk Can Mean Less Productivity

Walking into work and immediately feeling stressed out usually isn’t a good sign. You may already know why that happens, but if not, there could be one reason you never considered – a messy desk. Messy desks can lead to a lack of productivity for some people, and can affect how others see you. Here... Read More

Reasons Your Site Might Not Show in Google Search Results

When doing a Google search, most people tend to click on the first few results that are listed. So, what happens if your business isn’t included in those results? More importantly why aren’t they? These nine reasons could be why your website might not be showing up in Google search results. Use them to help... Read More

Word of Mouth Marketing and its Benefits

Content and video marketing may seem to have taken over as the most beneficial ways to increase brand awareness. However, one of the best and easiest ways to market your brand is still by word of mouth. This age-old marketing tool can still be the most effective, whether it be online or face-to-face. Learn how... Read More

Boost Photography Post-Processing Skills

As a photographer, gear will come and gear will go. Some you’ll love and some not so much. One of the most useful tools you should consider is a graphics tablet. Graphics tablets come in many shapes and sizes and their main feature is the capability to use a stylus in post-processing, rather than a... Read More