Learn from Photography Failures

Most people do everything they possibly can to keep from failing at anything, and photography is no exception. Thinking that every photo on every job has to be perfect is unreasonable. Instead of letting a failure drag you down, try learning from it instead. Learning from your failures can really help make you a better... Read More

Six Elements to Add to a Social Media Strategy

Now more than ever, it’s imperative to have a social media strategy to help achieve your business’ goals. The fast changing pace of the social media world mean that your strategy has to change, too, to keep up. Try adding these six newer elements to your social media strategy to make it even more solid.... Read More

Promote Positive Customer Reviews

When it comes to online purchases, most people take time to do some research before committing to a product or service. For many shoppers that means reading reviews on the company or service, from other consumers. Today’s online shoppers have many choices, so having positive reviews can really make, or lose, a sale for you.... Read More

Photography Composition Checklist

Beginning photographers have so much to learn and remember – from different types of camera equipment, to settings, to rules to follow when taking photos. One of the more important elements of photography is learning about composition. This composition checklist can help photographers, new and experienced, remember many of the things needed to take great... Read More

Have Your Personal Brand Stand Out Online

Everyone is familiar with brands, and every industry has big, easy to recognize names. To stand out from your competitors, you’ve got to find a way to be different. Having a plan in place to grow your brand surely and steadily will help you gain recognition in your industry. Raphael Collazo, writer for Dumb Little... Read More

Reach Your Goals by Measuring Content Marketing

Content marketing is always going to be one of the most effective ways to get information about your brand to consumers. Analyzing your marketing strategy isn’t just about seeing how well your content is doing. The proper metrics will help you not only make sure your marketing strategy is on track, but will also let... Read More

Remove the Number One Distraction at Work

From the constant flow of emails to coworkers chatting about their day, distractions happen all the time in the work place. Multi-tasking actually decreases your ability to be productive, and your mobile device is the number one distraction. One simple trick can make sure you’re not letting your phone kill your productivity. Benjamin Tiller, writer... Read More

SEO Tools for 2018

Search engine optimization (SEO) has been part of website analytics for quite a while now. SEO guidelines and algorithms are always changing and it’s tough to keep up with the ever-changing SEO rules. The good news is that there are some great tools that can be used to help you stay at the top of... Read More

Avoid Weak Sentence Structure

Informative writing, such as writing a blog, comes with its own set of challenges. Being able to get your information across to a reader in a way that is easy-going yet still informative may seem simple, but can quickly prove itself anything but easy. Sentence structure plays an important part of writing in a clear,... Read More

Challenge Yourself as a Wildlife Photographer

Not only do wildlife photographers have the normal challenges like choosing the right gear, focus and exposure, and proper framing, they also have to deal with moving subjects. Those challenges may seem like enough for ordinary photograpers, but often outdoor photographers like to take it up a notch and really push outside their comfort zone.... Read More