Best Computers for Writers

Thanks to technology, gone are the days of the bulky typewriter that tied writers to mostly one place. A writer’s computer has become like an extension of their body, so its performance has to be reliable. These are some of the best laptop choices for writers that do their work on the go. Ashley Brooks,... Read More

How Online Communities Help Businesses

When “online communities” are mentioned, we often tend to think of groups that provide some type of support for personal reasons. However, businesses can actually benefit from being part of online communities, too. In addition to benefiting from shared experiences with other businesses, it can also result in better service for your customers. Vanessa DiMauro,... Read More

12 Free Social Media Monitoring Tools

Reputations are very important and that applies to online reputations, too. Monitoring what folks are saying about you, either good or bad, is important. With so many social media platforms it can be difficult to keep track of everything being said everywhere. These 12 free social media monitoring tools can help make it easier to... Read More

Speed Up Your Windows 10 PC

Often, even over a short period of time, computers eventually become slower and more sluggish, causing frustration for the user. When a computer’s performance slows down, upgrading it isn’t necessarily the only option you have to speed things up.  Rather than spending money to make your computer run faster, try these simple tips first. Lincoln... Read More

Five Proofreading Tips with Massive Payoffs

Proofreading is one of the most critical steps when it comes to writing. However, it can be one of the most time-consuming and boring tasks. Many times it even feels like you’re just not doing it right. The good news is that your proofreading process can be sped up and these steps can go a... Read More

Writing Communities are Important for Freelance Writers

Typically when someone works “freelance” most people assume that all of their work is done solo. This especially holds true when people are talking about freelance writers. While most of the time freelancers work alone, it’s not always the best case for them to be isolated. The truth is, it is important for freelance writers... Read More

Creative Ways to Share Content

In today’s marketing world, social media seems to be the first way that people think of to share content that’s far reaching. However, social media isn’t necessarily the only way you should be sharing your content. Getting creative with your methods of sharing content can yield great results. Kelsey Meyer, writer for Hubspot, shares how... Read More

Boost Confidence in Photography

Being creative and putting work out for the world to see isn’t always done without a qualm or two. There may be times that your confidence is at an all time high, but there may also be times when you second guess your work. Following some simple suggestions can help boost your confidence and overcome... Read More

Save Web Pages on Mobile Device

When browsing the web there are many instances when you come across an interesting site that you want to save to read later. Instead of bookmarking the URL that may not be there forever, it is better to save the actual web page for future viewing. There are a couple of different ways to do... Read More