Photography Post-Processing Mistakes to Avoid

The subject of post-processing is often polarizing among photographers. Ultimately, the choice is up to the individual. If you do choose to touch up your images, you want to ensure that they are still going to be amazing. Paying close attention to these tips can help you avoid the most common post-processing mistakes that can... Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Terms

In marketing it can sometimes feel like marketers speak a whole different language. There are phrases and words used that can be confusing, especially for someone who isn’t as experienced, or is just learning about marketing. Having one place that tells you what each term means and gives you additional resources to learn more about... Read More

Create Powerful Passwords

Passwords are a large part of our daily lives. They’re often the only thing protecting your sensitive banking or email information, and this makes them especially desirable to hackers and scammers. Choosing a strong password just makes good sense to help protect yourself, but it’s not always easy to do. Ceate powerful passwords and increase... Read More

Incorporate Video on Social Media

People watch more online video each and every day. You can take advantage of that to connect with your audience. To stand out from cooking shows and funny fail videos, you’ve got to make sure your video is something folks will want to see. By carefully considering these pointers, you can easily incorporate video into... Read More

Proven Ways to Increase Content Clicks

When it comes to content marketing, getting a reader’s attention right off the bat is key. If you can grab them with a great headline, they’re more likely to click through and read the rest of your content. Here are seven proven ways to attract the attention of your audience and generate more content clicks.... Read More

How to Cull Photos to Pick the Best

Being a photographer means taking hundreds, sometimes even thousands of photos in a session. The hard part is being able to choose which are the keepers and which don’t quite make the cut. Having an established workflow can make this process easier. These simple tips can help you set up your workflow to be used... Read More

Why Everyone Needs a Social Media Presence

No matter what size business you’re running, a social media presence is more essential than you may think. Social platforms are essential to connect with customers, raise awareness about your business, and much more. Learn just how important social media is to a business marketing campaign and why you should have a social media presence.... Read More

The Best Online Tools for Writers

No matter how long a writer has been writing, the possibility of needing a helping hand at some time is very real. Thankfully, having the best tools at your disposal to lend that hand has become easier than ever. These online tools for writers offer resources to help get through various types of rough patches.... Read More

A Guide to Usability Testing

When creating any type of shared work, especially something that involves a user experience – like a website, it’s a good idea to have someone else take a look at it, which is also known as usability testing. A fresh pair of eyes can help discover anything that you missed and they may also be... Read More

Manage Time on Social Media More Efficiently

Social media is a must for any business to engage with its customers. However, it can take up a huge chunk of time, especially if you’re a one man social media marketing team. Some may argue that automation can take out the personalized aspect of engaging with customers, but in reality it could free more... Read More