Recover Files from a Dead External Drive

External drives are a great way to store files and take them with you wherever you go. However, like all technology, these drives can be at risk to stop working unexpectedly, leading you to believe you’ve lost everything on the drive forever. By implementing these steps, recovering external drive files could be possible. Jon L.... Read More

Manage a Businesses Online Reputation

When it comes to a business’ social presence, it is important to remember to manage your online reputation. Actively marketing and letting users know that you exist is a key part in keeping up with social media. By using these four tips, it can be easy to proactively manage a business’ online reputation. Julie Chomiak,... Read More

Create Catchy Titles That Readers Can’t Resist

The first thing that you need to think about when writing isn’t necessarily the content. It’s actually the headline since that one sentence can either make or break the chance that someone will actually continue to read the content. Create great headlines and reel in readers. Corey Wainwright, writer for Hubspot, shares how to create... Read More

Online Privacy Protection

The Internet makes it easy to do just about anything you need to do whether at your desk or on the road, but the freedom can come with a cost. Making sure your privacy is protected when you’re doing things online – from social media to banking – is more important than ever. The threat... Read More

How to Avoid Procrastination and Get Tasks Done


[caption id="attachment_12556" align="alignright"]Image from[/caption]The phrase "I'll do it later" can cause problems when it comes to getting important tasks done. Procrastination can rear it's ugly head at any time and cause things to be put off. These strategies can help you to avoid procrastination and get tasks done. ... Read More

Protect a Computer from a Virus Infection

Virus attention sign

When a computer is infected with a virus, it can wipe out the entire contents of the hard drive. In addition to data loss, it can also put the owner of the computer at risk for personal data being seen by the wrong people. Learn what you can do to protect a computer from a possible virus infection. ... Read More

Five Tips for Wildlife Photographers

When doing something new, the hardest part is often knowing where to start, especially in photography. Wildlife photography can be more of a challenge than regular photos, due to animal movement, light changes and many other variables. Beginner wildlife photographers can use these tips to help them get the best photos possible. Will Nicholls, writer... Read More

Camera Setting Mistakes to Avoid

Picking up a camera for the very first time can be daunting. There are so many different settings that it can be overwhelming and mistakes are often made. A few simple tweaks to your camera settings can help you avoid making those mistakes….even if you’re not a beginner. James Maher, writer for Digital Photography School,... Read More

Tips for Developing a Company Mission

A company mission is a written declaration of an organization’s core purpose and focus. Coming up with a company mission that differentiates your company from the competitors can take some serious thinking. These are four key steps to follow when it comes time to develop a company mission. Yvonne Lyons, writer for Social Media Today,... Read More

65 Helpful Keyboard Shortcuts for Photoshop

Photoshop is one of the best photo editing software programs around. However, there are so many options that sometimes users find it difficult to actually do what they set out to do when they opened the program. Luckily there are some great keyboard shortcuts available that will help users be productive, save time and feel... Read More