Pictures vs Video in Facebook Advertising

Video marketing is quickly becoming more and more popular for content marketing, especially on Facebook ads. However, while it’s rising in popularity, it might not always be the best choice for your marketing needs. Deciding whether video or images will perform better for your advertising on Facebook is important to your ad’s success. Jason Hsiao,... Read More

Gmail Hacks for Boosting Productivity

Gmail is one of the most popular email platforms. There are so many features to Gmail that it can sometimes seem overwhelming, causing you to miss some of the most powerful built in options. Learning the ins and outs can really boost your Gmail productivity, and free up time for the rest of your day.... Read More

Tips for Pricing Images

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but figuring out what to charge for images is one of the most difficult things that photographers encounter. There are so many factors that go into taking photos including experience, equipment, editing and processing time, and so much more. So many photographers don’t remember to figure... Read More

Use Instagram to Boost Blog Traffic

Instagram is one of the most popular photo related social media sites. This popular app can do so much more than just allow you to connect with followers and potential customers, though. Did you know that you can also use it to drive traffic to your blog? Gain traffic to your blog by strategically posting... Read More

2018’s Best Video Editing Apps

Video content is a great strategy to use in content marketing and continues to gain popularity. However, before you can start making great videos, it’s important to have a few things such as a camera, lighting, and most importantly a way to edit videos for online publication. These are some of the best video editing applications... Read More

Important Influencer Marketing Strategies to Know

When people are looking at making a purchase online, usually they read reviews and those reviews may influence their decision. They usually look at blog posts and informative websites to get the best information possible. These are ten important influencer marketing strategies that anyone with a website should know. Irfan Ahmad, writer for Social Media Marketing,... Read More

How to Decide Which Photography Portfolio Website is Best

One of the best parts of being a photographer is sharing images with the world. There’s no doubt about it, you need a photography portfolio, but choosing a photography portfolio website can be difficult. There are free sites and paid sites, and both of them offer different things. Comparing the pros and cons can make... Read More

Use SEO and Social Media to Boost Content

Social media and SEO remain two of the best ways to get your brand noticed on the internet. The quality of content that is posted obviously matters, however marketing that content in order to get it seen is really what pushes exposure over the top. Use these nine easy strategies for SEO and social media... Read More

Create a Website that Influences Consumers

Websites are still very important for a brand to have. The way a website is set up can actually affect whether a customer chooses to do business with your company. Designing your website using these design psychology tips can potentially influence people to do business with you. Mark Walker-Ford, writer for Social Media Today, shares... Read More

Stay Productive Throughout the Day

Let’s face it, we all have days where it just seems impossible to stay focused during the workday. While coffee and energy drinks can provide a temporary boost of energy, eventually they will wear off and you’ll be back at square one. These seven tips can help keep you energized and productive all day long.... Read More