Overcome Doubt and Realize Your Dreams

Everyone has dreams. It could be something that you’ve always known you wanted to do or something you have just discovered. Uncertainty and doubt can get in the way of you realizing those dreams, though. From self-doubt to listening to conventional advice, there are so many things that can start to get you down and... Read More

Three Free Internet Marketing Tools

Internet marketing is here to stay. Getting it right will take dedication and won’t happen right away. Fortunately there are tools that can help you get it right, and you don’t need an array of coding and IT skills in order to create a professional online presence. These three free tools can help you get... Read More

Move Out of a Photography Comfort Zone

Staying safely within a comfort zone rarely leads to excelling at anything, and the same is true with photography. Challenging yourself and taking risks can result in creativity magic. Stepping out of your photography comfort zone will help you become more creative, push yourself beyond your limits and end up with results you may have... Read More

Ten of the Best Lightroom Tricks

Lightroom is one of the best ways to organize images and improve a photography workflow. However, it’s one of the software programs with the most to learn, which can make it confusing. On the flip side, there are also many tricks that can make your life easier and your workflow faster. Here are just 10... Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Working Remotely

Telecommuting, or working remotely, is becoming a more widely accepted option for today’s workforce. It allows employers to choose the best candidates for a position, regardless of location, which means having the strongest possible talent. Some employers, however, are still hesitant to allow remote work, and are unaware of how it will affect the productivity... Read More

SEO Trends in 2018

Search engine optimization, or SEO, continues to evolve and change. Each and every day, SEO is still a main factor in getting traffic to come to your website. These are the key SEO trends you need to understand and how they affect your website. Mark Walker-Ford, shares the key SEO factors you should know. 7... Read More

Now’s the Time to Build a Personal Brand

The line between personal and professional social media presence is becoming more blurred all the time. Many professionals are now focusing more on building their personal brand rather than one that’s tied to a company. Personal branding can be a big help in being successful in many facets of life, since it’s how you and... Read More

Top Reasons Instagram Audiences Don’t Grow

Instagram continues to be one of the fastest growing social media platforms. Brands are trying to get their share of the one billion monthly users and build their audiences as the app grows. Finding followers that will interact with your brand is important to how successful your IG presence will be. If you find your... Read More

Work Faster with Voice-to-Text

Marketing is a time-consuming part of any business, and the faster it can be done, the better. Your brain actually processes information faster than you can write or type, so finding a different way to turn those thoughts into action is a great idea. Using a voice-to-text software to help improve your efficiency is a... Read More

Small Business Website Must Haves

Creating a new business website can be daunting. Besides knowing what your visitors want, you also have to make sure it’s aesthetically pleasing, and will grab and keep their attention. From graphics to font selection there are many things to consider when creating your site. These are 27 of the most important things that all... Read More