Overcome Bad Photography Habits

Bad habits are often associated with being a danger to one’s well-being. However, bad habits can also interfere with your professional skills, including photography. The first step to overcoming them is to identify what they are, and work on developing good habits to counter the bad. These are the most common photography bad habits, and... Read More

Video Marketing the Right Way

Video content for marketing is no longer a new concept. Users expect to see video when they’re looking to learn more about a brand or product, or when they just want to be entertained. Now is the time to learn to do video marketing right – from beginner to advanced. Sophia Bernazanni, writer for Hubspot,... Read More

Tools for Managing Social Media

To be able to successfully market on social media, it takes patience, time and effort. If you’re a small or single-person business, it can be tough to find the time to properly manage your social media presence. Luckily, there are tools that can help make social media management easier. Tabitha Jean Naylor, writer for Social... Read More

Create a Blog Post People Want to Read

To get readers to your blog a post must catch their attention and contain information that is useful to them. How can you make sure your content fulfills both those criteria? Learning to write interesting content and making sure it’s optimized for SEO can help drive more readers to your blog. Bella Pope, writer for... Read More

Useful Windows 10 Tools

Windows 10 seems to have evoked either a love or hate reaction from users. Some of its features have users not so happy (i.e. forced updates), others have resulted in happier users (i.e. the return of the start menu). Getting familiar with some of the most useful Windows 10 tools can really make a difference... Read More

How to Use Video Content in Business

Video marketing is becoming more and more popular among marketers. Its popularity has grown because it delivers more information to the client in a neat and organized fashion, clients can actually hear testimonials from other people and it usually takes less time for consumers to watch videos, rather than read lengthy posts. Use these tips... Read More

Common Words and Phrases in Photography

When photographers talk about their craft, it can sound like a whole different language. Anyone just starting out may find themselves more confused on the lingo that photographers use than anything. This guide will help you understand words and phrases that photographers often use. Simon Ringsmuth, writer for Digital Photography School, shares words and phrases... Read More

Overcome Workplace Distractions

Distractions can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere, and the workplace is no exception. While it may seem like small distractions aren’t anything to worry about, they add up throughout the day and can hurt productivity more than you realize. Reclaim your focus and learn to overcome distractions. Clifford Chi, writer for Hubspot, shares how to... Read More

Must Have Photography Accessories

Accessories can actually be a key part of camera ownership and professional photography. One downside is that there is a plethora of different photography accessories available. Many times what you need depends on the type of photography you do. These are ten of the absolute best photography accessories that any photographer should have with them.... Read More

Convert Blog Posts to Videos for Social Media

Video content is becoming more and more popular on social media and is well received among users. However, for some businesses and content creators, having a staff or the time to edit and produce videos may not be in the budget. The good news is you can still produce great quality videos in a short... Read More