A Guide For Starting a Freelance Writing Business

When starting a freelance business it’s important to have a game plan. Becoming a freelance writer can be confusing and overwhelming as it is, and not having some type of guidance could potentially make it worse. If you’re looking to take the leap to becoming a freelance writer, this guide can help you take the... Read More

Use Photoshop Smart Objects to Create a Workflow

A good workflow can make a difference in the quality of photography. It encompasses the process you follow from the time you shoot your image to finished product, so organizing it is crucial.  If you’re using Photoshop, you can take advantage of smart objects to create a workflow that will keep you on track. Ana... Read More

Great Sites for Video Content Creation

One of the most effective online marketing tools is video. Using video not only saves your viewers time, but chances are the video content will stick in their head longer than if they have to read through a long article. Get started easily by checking out these four great sites for creating video content for... Read More

Bookmarking Tweets For Business

Recently, Twitter announced the ability to bookmark Tweets. This can prove to be a great feature for both personal users and business users. How can bookmarking Tweets help your business? These three ways to utilize the new bookmark feature on Twitter will help your business perform better on the social app. Meera Sapra, writer for... Read More

Easily Bookmark a Tweet

It’s bound to happen eventually – while scrolling through Twitter, something great pops up and you want to be able to access it later. Unfortunately, it can be lost in the land of Tweets, never to be found again, because there was no easy way to save what you found. Thankfully, Twitter has rolled out... Read More

RAW vs JPEG Photo Formats

There are two main formats that cameras shoot in: RAW and JPEG. The debate over which is better seems to never end, since each option has its own advantages and disadvantages. The key is to decide for yourself whether RAW or JPEG format is best for you. Simon Ringsmuth, writer for Digital Photography School, shares... Read More

Create Relatable Content

When doing content marketing, not only is the quantity of content important but the quality, as well. It’s important to post content that readers can relate to, so it will have an impact and potentially gain you new followers. Connect with more readers by creating content that’s relatable to your audience. Mark Zeni, editor for... Read More

Hashtags to Increase Instagram Reach

Hashtags can go a long way toward getting posts noticed. It makes sense perfect sense for businesses to get on board with the hashtag trend, when marketing on social media, to increase engagement. Understanding which hashtags will help expand your reach is important so you can use them properly. Mark Walker-Ford, writer for Social Media... Read More

The Importance of Strategy in Business

When it comes to business, it’s important to have some type of strategy for its success. Going into business without a game plan is one of the most risky steps you could ever take. Here are some other great reasons that it’s important to have a strategy in the business world. James Warner, writer for... Read More

Protect PCs from Recent CPU Flaws

It’s probably no surprise to hear of another computer threat. Recently, there have been two nasty viruses that can have serious ramifications if they get into your computer. Fortunately, vendors and operating systems have pushed out fixes quickly. Take these steps to help protect your devices from the Meltdown and Spectre CPU flaws. Brad Chacos,... Read More