Google Calendar Tips for Productivity

The crazy schedules of today can often be overwhelming to keep straight. Trying to do it without some sort of calendar is almost downright impossible. Google Calendar has some great features that can help you organize your day, and much more. They’re not all necessarily easy to set up, or find, but knowing where to... Read More

Focus on Multiple Social Media Networks

Last week something happened that caused panic for users of two big social media platforms. Instagram and Facebook were both down for a good chunk of time, and for brands who rely on them to generate income, it may have had a big negative impact. Twitter saw a jump in use by those who were... Read More

Remove Personal Information from Data Collection Sites

The advancement of technology and the internet have made our lives easier, for the most part. However, along with the convenience of just about any information we could want at our fingertips, it’s become a more dangerous place as well. There are actually programs that will scour the internet for information about you and sell... Read More

Using Photoshop to Improve Images for the Web

When posting images to the Web they can often look low-quality and blurry, regardless of their resolution. When displaying your images on the internet, whether it’s on social media platforms or photo sharing sites, you want them to look sharp and crisp. Surprisingly, a lot of the time image blurring is a result of resizing... Read More

Improve Organic Social Media Reach

The organic reach of social media posts seems to be on the decline. Are you really reaching the number of people that you think? If you see your social media platform reach trending downward, you can take some simple steps to improve your numbers and get back to reaching your audience. Dhariana Lozano, social media... Read More

Home Offices Tips for Full-Time Bloggers

The freedom to work from home is a big appeal to full-time bloggers. Being able to work when you want, where you want…it’s a dream come true. Until the phone rings, the dog barks, the kids demand your attention, or a hundred other potential distractions arise. Setting aside your own designated office space can help... Read More

Tax Time Tips for Freelancers

Tax season is generally no fun for anyone, but can be particularly stressful for freelancers. Whether you’re new to the freelance game or a long-time pro, freelancing has specific tax challenges. Along with changes to tax codes, you have to sort out deductions and self-employment taxes. It can be mind boggling, but it doesn’t have... Read More

Effective and Free Social Content Promotion Tips

Sharing social media content is a great way to spread the word about a brand, and word-of-mouth is still the best marketing tool available. If you think that sharing content is no longer an effective way to market, think again. Not only can it increase the reach of your message, but it also has the... Read More

Professional SEO Training for Bloggers

Starting a blog requires doing some homework before it’s time to launch. Looking at other successful blogs for inspiration can be great, but knowing how to create quality content that will help your blog do well is key to its success. When you’re just starting out, you should definitely take advantage of free resources, including... Read More

Habits of Successful Content Creators

Content marketing is used by 91% of business professionals, although that doesn’t mean they’re all using high-quality content. Good content can make or break a marketing strategy, and many businesses hire content creators to provide what they need. In order to establish yourself as the person who can provide valuable, engaging content for them, you... Read More