Digital and Content Marketing Predictions for 2019 and Beyond

It’s clear that digital and content marketing are here to stay. Although there are frequent changes in the best way to utilize the strategies, they still remain among the most popular marketing techniques. Keeping up with new trends will help ensure that you’re making the most of your digital marketing strategies. Michael Brenner, CEO of... Read More

Reasons to Embrace Rejection

We’ve all felt the sting of rejection at one time or another. You may get advice to shake it off and to not take it personally, even though that’s pretty difficult to do. After the initial hurt of rejection you can make a choice – to keep wallowing in it, or to learn from it... Read More

Using Google Analytics on WordPress

Knowing that people are viewing your website isn’t enough. You need the website to provide you with information so that you understand how visitors are using it and what pages they are visiting the most. If you don’t know how to figure all that out, don’t worry – Google Analytics can do it for you.... Read More

Make Customers Want to Open Your Email

It can be frustrating when potential or existing customers don’t open your email. Studies show that those who open emails spend considerably more money and remain customers longer than those who don’t. The trick to getting them to open your email is making it stand out over all the other promotional email they get. A... Read More

Choose the Right Social Media Platform for Business

There are a number of platforms for businesses to choose from when considering social media marketing. What might be right for one brand may not work for another, even if it’s the same type of business. Understanding how and why to choose a platform can make sure you’re getting the most from your choice. Irfan... Read More

Be Aware of “Free” Wi-Fi Hotspots and Tracking

One of the best things about technology is the ability to be able to connect to the internet from just about anywhere. Of course with that convenience also comes some danger. You might connect to free Wi-Fi hotspots at many places – from your local coffee shop to airports or hotels when you travel –... Read More

Develop a Clean, Consistent Photo Editing Style

Photographers usually develop their own consistent editing style that becomes part of their work. Often that process becomes a unique identifier of their images. Shooting in RAW format is still the first step to help you make the most of your editing process. These tips to developing a consistent style will ensure you have great... Read More

Continue Marketing Conversations Post Trade Show

Trade show season is quickly approaching. Having a great marketing plan in place for during the show is a must. But, having a pre- and post-show plan is just as important. Let people know where to find you before the show starts (several weeks before is best, since they begin planning their stops early) and... Read More

Tips to Manage Windows 10 Updates

It’s a pretty sure bet that the thing that most people like the least about Windows 10 is the automatic updates. Case in point — the latest debacle where the update actually deleted the entire data of some users. Incidents like that don’t instill confidence in the automatic update process. While there is no way... Read More

Voice Search and its Effect on SEO

SEO is constantly changing and evolving. By now you know that it greatly affects your search engine rankings, but you may not be aware of the next big influence on SEO results – voice search. Understanding who is using voice search, what they’re looking for, and the actions they generally take, can be invaluable to... Read More