Non-Gear Related Ways to Improve Photography

It can be frustrating for photographers to hear how their camera takes great pictures. Contrary to popular belief, the best pictures don’t always happen thanks to fancy and expensive gear. The photographer must also have skills to make those great shots happen. These are five non-gear related ways that photographers can use to improve their... Read More

Online Video Content: Be Confident on Camera

Video content is everywhere and it’s a great way to connect with readers. Being confident while creating your videos is necessary to draw your audience in. One big mistake, and confidence killer, beginners make is comparing their first videos to others who have been doing it longer. Overcome the frustration of being a beginner video... Read More

Steps to Proactive Online Reputation Improvement

It may be surprising for most brands to learn that their customer’s don’t love their brand as much as they do. Assuming that they do can be a big mistake, and cause your online reputation to take a big hit, causing potential customers to steer clear. Proactively manage your online reputation and have a plan... Read More

Social Media Tips for Writers

Social media is an integral part of our daily lives. Tweeting, sharing, Instagramming…..the list goes on and on. Often times, freelance writers aren’t sure how to best utilize social media to their benefit. Learning to use social media to your advantage can help increase your exposure and success. Vanessa Gillette, writer for The Write Life,... Read More

How to Provide Good Customer Service

When it comes to customer service, one bad experience can make a customer never want to deal with that company or person again. On the other hand, one outstanding customer service experience can create a loyal customer for life. Here are four examples that prove good customer service can create loyal customers. Sophia Bernazzani, writer... Read More

Make Objective Decisions

Making decisions can be hard. Even though we make tons of them each day, most of us struggle at one time or another. When faced with a major decision, we often look for extra guidance. Learning to step back and gain some objectivity can help set you on the path to making your decision. G.... Read More

Seven Reasons Against Self-Editing a Book

Sometimes do-it-yourself isn’t the best approach when it comes to editing a book. Most writers feel they have the necessary skills to see their project from conception to publishing, without any help. That may not always be the case – no matter how good you are. Some valid reasons exist for handing your book over... Read More

Fifteen of the Best Social Media Monitoring Tools

Social media and business marketing go hand in hand because of the number of potential customers a single post can reach. Keeping an eye on your social media presence, beyond just shares and likes, is vital to track how your social media strategy is working. Monitoring your social media is a little easier with these... Read More

Non-Photography Items Photographers Should Have When Traveling

It’s just about impossible to be prepared for every situation that may arise while traveling as a photographer. You can plan ahead by taking the gear you think is most important, however, it’s also a good idea to have a few items that aren’t photography related. These seven non-photography items can really help in unplanned... Read More

Digital Marketing Strategies for Businesses

Each day there is a large number of businesses and consumers on social media. This makes digital marketing for a business a no brainer, but also makes being seen a challenge. Having strong strategies in place to reach your goals is essential for success. Elissa Hudson, writer for Hubspot, shares strategies for digital marketing. 7... Read More