Reporting Spam Email to Microsoft

Unfortunately, spam and other types of malicious email threats continue to be on the rise. Most recently, it’s been reported that spammers are using the Coronavirus scare to target concerned consumers into clicking phishing links, giving out sensitive medical information, and more. Most of the time recipients either delete or ignore the email, but you... Read More

Digital Strategy Reinvention for 2020

Digital marketing strategies are not new to most businesses. However, the way information is gathered to implement digital marketing strategies is changing rapidly. Technology continues to become a more integral part in helping brands analyze data to create the best marketing plan. Understanding that technology can be a whole different story with new terms like... Read More

The Difference Between RAW and DNG File Formats

RAW and JPG are two very familiar photography file formats and there has been a long-time debate about the best format to shoot photos in. Each of those types has advantages and disadvantages, but there is a third type you may not even be familiar with – Digital Negative (DNG). Rather than making it a... Read More

Adding Special Characters in Microsoft Word

Sometimes those who write for a living may find themselves needing a special character that’s not on a keyboard. Or you may be searching for an alternative to the boring bullet options that Microsoft Word has to offer. Using special characters isn’t hard when you know where to look for them. Word comes with its... Read More

What Gen Z is Watching Online and its Affect on Marketing

Move over Millenials, there’s a new generation in town and they’re heavily influencing marketing strategies. Millennials may have “cut the cord” by getting rid of cable and consuming their content via streaming services, but Gen Z has never even been connected to the cord. They get their content via social platforms – TikTok, YouTube, Snapchat,... Read More

Tips for Improving Focus

Multi-tasking is something that we are all used to, and pretty much expected to do. However, when you’re doing so many things at once, are you really able to focus on doing everything well? Training your mind to increase your ability to focus can really make a difference in your productivity. These simple steps may... Read More

Creating Engaging Content with Instagram Video

Every social media marketer knows that they must be interacting and engaging on Instagram. Going one step further, Instagram video is now a must-have in your brand’s social media plan. Anyone can throw a video on IG and call it a day, but the real challenge is to get your video noticed so that it... Read More

Strategy Boosting Social Media Goals for 2020

Setting goals isn’t new to anyone who is involved in business. They help us grow and stay on track and can also tell us when we’re not quite where we need to be. Social media goals are no different, and they can be a huge help when planning your strategic plan for 2020. These are... Read More

Proofread Blog Posts Like a Pro

So many times writers are focused on creating quality content that they may forget to make sure it’s also free of errors. Even after carefully writing the content and reading over it several times, sometimes it still gets published with mistakes. That’s not the best way to impress your target audience. Proofreading and editing don’t... Read More

Using Creative Aperture Effectively for Great Photos

The best photographers never stop learning. Whether it’s techniques, angles, or different camera tweaks, trying new things can really improve the quality of your images. One of the most powerful controls on your camera is the aperature setting. Many experienced photographers rely on the aperature as their main setting to allow quick changes for different... Read More