Tips to Work Remotely

Working from home definitely has its perks but can have its drawbacks, too. Distractions are much easier to avoid when working in an office than they are at home. On the flip side, it can be easy to end up working too much. Having a plan in place to deal with both those scenarios can... Read More

Instagram’s “Following” Tab Removed

If Instagram’s “Following” tab was something you relied on to see content engagement, there’s been a change. The following tab has been removed, and the “Explore” feature will become the primary way users discover new things on the platform. Users will still be able to see how their connections interact with their content, but won’t... Read More

Embracing the Digital Transformation

The “digital transformation” of today is something that businesses should embrace in order to remain successful. But, it entails more than just having a website and Facebook presence. The digital transformation is the process of utilizing as many online platforms as you can to operate your business online. Websites, social media platforms, and maps are... Read More

Essentials for a Great Office Environment

Employees who spend a majority of their time in an office are affected by their work environment. Does your workplace offer a relaxed and positive vibe or a stressful, unhappy one? Having happy employees can have a positive impact on performance and productivity, and it can all start with how they feel in their work... Read More

Run a Smart Social Media Takeover

Social media takeovers have become very popular recently. It’s a great way to let someone who may be an influencer or a “celebrity” or esteemed professional in their industry. Running a social media takeover can be a successful way to increase brand awareness, engage your followers and start a conversation where you’re the focus. But,... Read More

How to Grow an Instagram Account

Standing out on Instagram is a common goal of everyone who uses the platform. Instagram is becoming even more popular as companies switch their focus to it, since the changes to Facebook affects how their content being seen by audiences. This shift means that you need to try even harder to get noticed above everyone... Read More

Instagram’s Creator Account Created to Assist Influencers

Instagram remains a top social media platform, but the truth is, even it needs to find new ways to maintain its user levels, grow, and offer new ways to entice influencers. Most recently they’ve launched an account that they say will offer tips from creators and influencers to help others reach the same status. They’ll... Read More

Using Psychology to Win the Marketing Game

Successful marketing is something that every brand struggles with, at one time or another. With so many platforms available and larger target audiences than ever, how do you make sure you’re making the right choices with your plan? Using psychology to better understand those you’re marketing to can help increase your chance of successfully influencing... Read More

Avoid Google Calendar Malicious Invite Issue

It may come as a surprise to find out that there has been a security issue with Google Calendar since 2017. The risk comes from potentially accepting a malicious invitation – thinking that it’s valid, and clicking the provided link to accept the invitation and adding it to your calendar. This can lead to the... Read More

Six Things that can Affect Image Sharpness

Every photographer strives for great, sharp images. For beginners it can be really frustrating when your images just don’t come out as sharp and crystal clear as you’d like them to be. There can be many reasons for the lack of sharpness, so before you go out and buy more expensive equipment or call it... Read More