Write Effective Email Newsletters

Email newsletters aren’t always a good marketing tool. It can be difficult to get good open rates and harder to find what will grab the readers’ attention. There are some good examples out there, and they seem to follow the same several tips that make them successful. Margo Aaron, writer for Hubspot, shares how to... Read More

Social Media Tips for Job Hunters

Social media provides a great platform to network, keep in touch with friends, family and colleagues. But did you know that potential employers often look at your social media profiles when you apply for a position? Making a good impression no longer begins with the first face-to-face meeting. These do’s and don’ts will help increase... Read More

How Freelancers can Stay Sane During the Holidays

Freelance writers are usually all too familiar with the feast or famine concept of finances, no matter the time of year. The holidays can be a more stressful time than normal due to extra expenses and making time to manage your workload. Having a plan in place now can help get a handle on some... Read More

Get More Out of Meetings

Teams are working together more than ever to handel projects and stay on task. This usually means an increase in the number of meetings you have, too. Unfortunately, for many reasons, not every meeting is as productive as it should be. By following these tips you can make the most out of meetings and make... Read More

Marketing Trends that May Expire in 2018

As is the case with just about everything, it turns out that marketing strategies don’t stay the same for long. You may have a plan that’s working great for you, but it could be on the list of the tactics that could be in danger of fading away in 2018. Learn what trends could be... Read More

The Best Times to Post on Social Media

Quality content is essential to social media promotion of businesses. It may be surprising to learn that quality isn’t the only factor that matters. The number of posts, and when you post them also go a long way to successful social media strategies. Irfan Ahmad, writer for Social Media Today, shares when and how often... Read More

Why You Need a Good Relationship With Your Camera

A big part of photography is being able to connect with the subject you choose to photograph. However, it is also about having a good connection with your camera. Knowing your camera well, including its features and capabilities helps you produce great images, rather than worrying about how to work the equipment. Kevin Landwer-Johan, writer... Read More

Use Video Content to Promote Business

The percentage of video traffic on the Internet has exploded to an astounding 80%. Using video in content marketing is one of the most effective ways to promote your business. It doesn’t have to be a difficult process to take advantage of this marketing tool. A few simple steps will have you using video for... Read More

Apps for Great Mobile Photography

When an amazing photo opportunity arises, you may not always have access to a professional camera right at the moment. The good news is that there is no need to carry around expensive equipment in order to get an awesome photo since most everyone has a mobile phone with them. As long as you download... Read More

Say Goodbye to Old Grammar Rules

Language seems to constantly change, as indicated by the number of updates to the AP Stylebook, and it seems that grammar rules aren’t immune to that change. There are many rules that writers have followed for years but some of those may, in fact, be going out of style. Here are six old grammar rules... Read More