Animated Logos and Brand Recognition

Company logos have long been the very identity of a brand. Creating a logo that has instant recognition and stands out from the crowd has always been a key component in marketing success. Today, more than ever, it’s important to have an attention-grabbing logo and incorporate it into your marketing strategy, and animated logos are... Read More

Instagram-Inspired Filters with Photoshop

Instagram’s popularity continues to grow, and one of its great features is the ability to add filters before uploading media. You may have even wished that you could apply one of their filters and use the image elsewhere. Unfortunately, that’s not easy to do because of the reduction in resolution. Using Photoshop you can create... Read More

Protect Data When Working Remotely

Being able to work remotely can offer many benefits. It often means greater flexibility with work hours and time saved on commuting. But many remote workers don’t take into consideration one big potential danger – the safety of data. Some larger companies will provide a virtual private network (VPN) option to protect data, but freelancers... Read More

How to Handle Stolen Images

Almost all photographers have their images online somewhere. That means that the odds are, at some point, you will likely have one or more of your photos stolen. The common misconception that if an image is on the Internet it’s free, continues to be a photographer’s worst nightmare. Trying to keep tabs on all your... Read More

Tips and Tools to Start a Blog in 2019

The sheer number of blogs that exist today prove that blogging is a great way to build writing skills and connect with like-minded readers. Gaining notoriety as an expert in a particular field can even help advance your career. If you’ve been thinking about starting your own blog, but think it’s too complicated or you... Read More

Six Essentials Needed To Succeed In The Workplace

Previous POMA webinar series presenter, and 2014 POMA Business Conference speaker, Dave Oakes continues to offer POMA members great advice on success in both their personal and professional lives. In his most recent offerting, he shares six essential tips needed to survive in the workplace. From setting goals and managing time and stress, to communication,... Read More

Wildlife Photography Tips

Photographing wildlife can definitely present bigger challenges than other types of photography. The results can be simply stunning, making it look easy, but most wildlife photographers know it’s usually not as easy as it appears. Constantly taking new ideas into consideration and trying them out can help increase your skill level. Whether you’re new to... Read More

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Blog Posts

Blogging remains a great way for brands to reach their audience. They provide opportunities to increase SEO, promote on social media and generate leads. Athough it can be a struggle to produce engaging content for your blog, doing it is important. The best starting point is to know your topic. From there, you can follow... Read More

Questions to Ask Before Approving a Marketing Plan

A marketing plan is essential for any business’ success. Having a roadmap to follow will make sure that you’re getting the most from your marketing budget. Whether you use a marketing agency or an internal team to create your marketing plan, you should always ask questions to ensure your plan is going to work, if... Read More

Don’t Delete Images Too Quickly

Most photographers take a ton of pictures to get just the right one. They also know that those images take up lots of storage space. Sometimes, when you’re trying to organize and manage your storage space, deleting a series of images or those that you don’t think you like seems like a great idea. But,... Read More