Questions to Ask When Designing an App

There are thousands of mobile apps available for basically anything that you can think of. Many companies are jumping on the app bandwagon in order to give their customers mobile access no matter where they are. Asking these essential questions when in the design stages of a mobile app will help you create the best... Read More

Clean Your Cameras Sensor in Three Steps

It happens to almost everyone at some point. That annoying moment when you go to take a picture and see dust and dirt on the sensor. The odds of a dirty sensor increase for outdoor photographers who often change lenses in the field. Even if you don’t notice it, it may be there waiting to... Read More

Transform Blog Posts to Video Content

Video content has made its appearance and has changed the marketing game. The normal channels for video are usually Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. But, can video work with, and draw visitors to, a blog? HubSpot did an experiment to see just how well it would work, and you might be surprised by the outcome. Sophia... Read More

Automation Tools for Social Media

Boosting social media metrics is a main goal for social media managers. However, it’s not the only thing that they need to focus on. The timing of posts is also critical to reach your biggest influencers and ensure re-tweets and shares. Take advantage of social media automation tools to help you post at just the... Read More

Ensure Small Business Growth

Running a small business can certainly be challenging. Growth is critical to small business success. One important part of growth and success is to specialize in one area to start. Taking some additional steps to build an effective framework will help ensure your small business is prepared to grow and be successful. Paul Gilbert, writer... Read More

Try Time Blocking to Replace To-Do Lists

To-do lists aren’t always a freelance writer’s friend. Not finishing everything on the list can lead to all-nighters and being under stress to meet deadlines. Time blocking can be a much more effective time management tool. Knowing what you need to do, and how long it will take to do it, enables you to create... Read More

Develop an Effective Content Strategy

Content is so much more than words on paper or a screen. It’s how your readers and followers get to know you and build relationships. When you produce consistently good, helpful content you build trust with your audience and they learn that you, and your brand, are a dependable source they can count on. Creating... Read More

Writing for Social Media Channels

Having a strong social media marketing strategy across all the platforms available today is critical. Managing that strategy isn’t always so easy, though. With so many different sites, should you post the same thing on each one? What content is best to post? Knowing how to compose the right text for the top five social... Read More

Visual Tools to Boost Productivity

It’s been noted that human concentration levels can actually cause us to only be productive three out of eight hours. Operating at the peak of efficiency during those productive hours is essential to getting things done. Using visual tools to plan and organize tasks and projects can generate positive results faster. Shalin Siriwaradhana, writer for... Read More

Using Instagram for Business Building

When it first launched, Instagram was a very popular social network for sharing photos. Today, it is still known for photo sharing, but now the site is used for more than just posting pictures of travel or pets. Using Instagram to build brand awareness and create profit for your business is a smart step, and... Read More