Behind the Scenes with GoWild & Garmin on New Wearable Integration

GoWild recently launched a new product with Garmin, innovating how hunters and archers can track and learn from their activities. The project was co-announced at the Archery Trade Association's trade show. GoWild Co-Founders sit down and chat with Garmin Product Manager Chad VanCamp about the making of this app. This interview discusses the relationship from the very beginning, and even hints at what's ahead. ... Read More

GoWild & Garmin® Launch Hunting and Archery Activity Tracking Platform

LOUISVILLE, KY.— GoWild, an outdoors activity tracking and social media platform, announces the launch of its new Garmin Connect IQ™ app. Through this integration, GoWild’s community members will have the ability to track and share robust digital stories, ranging from automated archery shot counts, miles hiked on hunts, scouting points of interest, and biometric data... Read More

Food Podcasts Like Never Before: Jeremiah Doughty Breaks Down Cooking While Breaking Down the Animal

This week's Restless Native, the podcast hosted by GoWild's Co-Founder, Brad Luttrell, gets up close and personal with food. You’re going to hear the sound of the butchering of a big game animal. You’ll hear a 70 pound gut bucket dragged across pavement. And you’ll hear the loud bangs and frying sounds in the kitchen as we cook up said animal.... Read More

GoWild’s Election Day Guide: Restless Native Talks Ballots, Conservation & More

GoWild, the social media community for hunters, anglers and outdoors enthusiasts, has a special piece of content for those who are undecided on their ballots.  On the Election Day edition of Restless Native, you can find resources that will help you inform yourself. Don't worry. If you hate politics, this episode is actually very casual and isn't trying to tell you who to vote for. Instead, it's actually telling you how to figure that out for yourself. ... Read More