POMA Today

POMA Today

More than 450 communicators and Corporate Partners have selected POMA as their professional association. The membership includes individual media members (editors, writers, photographers, broadcasters and publishers) and industry firms and organizations called Corporate Partners (CP).

POMA's mission is to foster professionalism in communications at all levels, help members build their businesses and foster the next generation of traditional outdoor sports communicators.

Prospective members Voting Media Members must meet the most stringent qualifications in the industry to qualify for membership. All members pledge to support and defend the traditional outdoor sports of hunting, sportfishing, shooting sports, trapping and other heritage endeavors, wildlife conservation and the 1st and 2nd Amendments to the U.S. Constitution.

POMA is heralded as a cutting-edge, highly technical association focused on educating members so they're prepared for the radical changes taking place in the communications environment. POMA is a flexible organization, unafraid of forging new paths in services and education. And, members are highly involved in the direction of the organization.

Additionally, POMA<25 (less than 25) is a group for young professionals, the leaders of tomorrow. POMA<25 works to develop programs of benefit to communicators getting started and moving up the ladder as well as a mentoring program for college students.