Current Board of Directors






Kevin Tate, Chairman
President, 2011 - 2012
Treasurer 2010 - 2011
Director 2008 - 2010
Director Term Ends 2014


As an avid hunter and fisherman and an insatiable reader, Kevin Tate has been a student of the outdoors and of outdoor writing since childhood. The words of Patrick F. McManus, Gene Hill, Robert Ruark and many others drove him to take up the writer’s trade.  Current Mossy Oak Productions products include, Mossy Oak’s Hunting the Country, Mossy Oak Classics, Whistling Wings, Browning’s The Best There Is, and The Obsession Revealed. In the past, Kevin has also produced copy for American Hunter, Step Outside, Remington Country and others. Whether focusing on print or video, Tate’s mission is to deliver products that not only make the company proud, but make all hunters proud of what they do.

Tammy Sapp, President
Incoming Chairwoman
Treasurer 2011 - 2012
Secretary 2010 - 2011
Director 2009 - 2010
Director Term Ends 2014
South Carolina

Tammy Sapp has worked as an outdoor writer, photographer and communications professional throughout her 26-year career. She worked for the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation for more than a decade before accepting the challenge to grow the communications department for the National Wild Turkey Federation. Sapp has worked for other organizations and companies including Remington Outdoor Foundation and Kalkomey Enterprises, Inc. Today, she directs the corporate communications program for Bass Pro Shops, the leading outdoor retailer specializing in gear for hunting, fishing, camping and more, An avid hunter, angler, paddler and recreational shooter, Tammy has a passion for conservation and sharing our outdoor traditions.


Tony Bynum, Treasurer
Treasurer 2012 - 2014
Director, term ends 2014

Tony Bynum, is a full-time freelance outdoor commercial, wildlife, and nature photographer from Montana. He began his professional photography carrier in 2005 by producing cover quality images for the outdoor editorial and commercial product industry. His images have appeared on the covers of many major hunting and traditional outdoor recreation focused magazines, including F&S, ODL, Fair Chase, Texas Sporting Journal, Eastman’s, Bugle, Bowhunt America, Montana Outdoors, Montana Magazine, Western Hunter, Western Horseman, and many more. In 2010, he was selected to produce commercial advertising images for the State Of Montana’s Office of Tourism.


Tom Opre, Secretary
Incoming President
Secretary 2012 - 2014
Director, term ends 2014

Tom Oper is a second-generation, outdoor communicator. He has travele3d the world in pursuit of the best hunting, fishing and outdoor adventures. He's the owner of Tahoe Films, Ltd. with 22 years experience as a producer and director. He's developed television spots for numerous companies such as Federal Cartridge, Aimpoint, Otis Technology, Polaris ATV and others. Tom is a lifetime NRA member. He resides in Flathead, Mont., with his wife Olivia Nalos Opre and three children.




Steve McGrath
Corporate Partner Director, Term ends 2016

Once known as “the guy that can burn water,” Steve McGrath is now marketing and PR Director of Camp Chef. Thankfully his culinary skills have taken a turn for the better. Only his wife and two children supersede his passion for the outdoors. Though fly fishing remains his favorite past time there is still plenty of his time spent in the duck blinds of the Pacific Flyway.



Doug Gilmer
Incoming Secretary
Director, term ends 2014

Gilmer's communications/media career began in 1996 in the law enforcement and tactical area. He filmed several episodes of “World’s Wildest Police Chases,” “Police Crashes,” and “Moment of Impact” with Sheriff John Bunnell. Ultimately, this led to writing several articles for law enforcement and professional publications. Gilmer's true passion, however, was writing for the traditional outdoor market. In 2004, he published his first outdoor articles in The Christian Sportsman magazine. Now he is a contributing editor for the magazine and has had articles featured in several other mainstream outdoor publications.


Bill Miller

Chariman 2010 - 2011
President 2009 - 2010
Director 2008 - 2009 and 2013 - 2014

Miller is a 28-year-plus veteran outdoor industry communicator and content developer. After spending 28 years with the North American Media Group as a Vice President, editor, television show host, and media and marketing professional, Miller is now a freelance content creator and outdoor industry consultant. Miller provides a wide range of media, content, and marketing services through Bill Miller Outdoors, Under the Big Pine, and other partnerships. Miller also is the Media/Content Director for


Bill Konway
Director, term ends 2014

Konway spent 25 years working as a full-time photojournalist for a Chicago daily newspaper. During that tenure he had the opportunity to photograph everything from three presidents, to Michael Jordan and Walter Payton, to movie stars and actresses. It was good steady work, but it was no longer his dream. So, call him crazy, plenty of his friends did, as well as some family members, but several years ago, Konway retired and began a quest to try and make it as a full-time, full-fledged photographer in the outdoors industry. Since, he's  been able to combine two of his passions and strive to combine them into a single, focused, effort. 


Steve Pennaz
Director, Term ends 2016

Pennaz has been a full-time outdoor communicator for 25 years and is president of Pennaz Multimedia. Pennaz served as editor of North American Fisherman magazine for 14 years, and running two editorial departments for the last seven. He lead a production team that has produced more than 10 outdoor television series, including Silent Invaders and North American Hunter.Pennaz is also a POMA Pinnacle Award recipient.


Kevin Reese
Director, Term ends 2016

Kevin Reese is an award-winning outdoor writer, photographer, editor, videographer and the host of GO Tips on Global Outfitters TV Show. As a freelancer, he works tirelessly to promote our outdoor heritage through a diverse range of media outlets including the NSSF, Remington Outdoor Foundation, Outdoor Hub, Global Outfitters and others.